‘Body of Work’ launches in Paris


... launch at Le Bal and Polycopies, Paris

‘Body of Work’ is safely in Paris .. launches with others during Paris Photo, at Le Bal, Thursday, 12 November, 16-19h, and at Polycopies, Café Lehmitz Photobooks table, Friday 13 November, 16.30h.


 ... an excerpt from the afterword:

“In the first instance, ‘Body of Work’ is about the orchestrated process of horse breeding. But, as I wriggled through the months of scrutiny, amidst the rawness of procreation, I became aware of a common anomaly in the mares being served. I came to recognise, in one mare after another, an anthropomorphic capacity to reflect. Through mournful eyes, they would make known an understanding of their peculiar predicament.”