‘Body of Work’ and ‘I Saw You’ at {Suite}


‘Body of Work’ / ‘I Saw You’ exhibition

Before ‘folded eggs’ ships from Hong Kong (pre-order), ‘Body of Work’ (2015) shows at Wellington, New Zealand gallery {Suite}, a 38-image grid of the series “recalibrating” the metaphor of the horse, opposite a 52-image grid of the surveillance series ‘I Saw You’ (2007) ... a dialogue.

open until 7 July 2018 ... come if you dare!


A Paris publisher friend said last year of ‘Body of Work’, hand over heart: “Always in art and literature, the horse is the magnificent, romantic beast ... your book is not romantic.”
Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X, said in his super 2016 review of ‘Body of Work’: “What Bruce Connew’s [book] recalibrates is the very interesting and historical metaphor of the horse.”

Do they say the same thing? For one, it is a reason to reject the work; for the other a reason to celebrate.


‘I Saw You’ first showed in 2007 at Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington. The book showed recently at the Paris gallery Le Bal: ‘Performing Books #1’, 10-27 January 2018, as part of Mark Ghuneim’s ‘Surveillance Index’ photobook collection from NYC ... Mark’s avant garde book of the collection, and website too, were designed @studiolin. ‘I Saw You’ was designed by @studiocatherine and myself on a bed in a Verona pensione. See also an installation image from Le Bal.