‘Body of Work’ / ‘I Saw You’ exhibition


... the first brave showing

{Suite}—the corker Wellington, New Zealand art gallery—will exhibit the complete 38-image series of ‘Body of Work’ as a grid on one wall ... four rows of nine with two images spilling to the next.
On the opposite wall, a dialogue perhaps, the complete 52-image series of ‘I Saw You’, also as a grid ... a couple of images short of six rows of nine.
Opening 5.30pm, Thursday, 14 June 2018, rain, hail or shine.


A Paris friend said last year of ‘Body of Work’, hand over heart: “Always in art and literature, the horse is the magnificent, romantic beast ... your book is not romantic.”
Brad Feuerhelm @americansuburbx said in his super 2016 review of ‘Body of Work’: “What Bruce Connew’s [book] recalibrates is the very interesting and historical metaphor of the horse.”

Do they say the same thing? For one, it is a reason to reject the work; for the other a reason to celebrate.