‘folded eggs’


... covers wait stoically @studiocatherine

‘folded eggs’ risograph’d covers wait stoically @studiocatherine for resolution to a minor bureaucratic speed bump at the Port of Auckland. If it’s not typhoons …! The NZCS 225 Trade Single Window Client Registration Update [DOC 497 KB] is submitted. Now forbearance. For those who have pre-ordered, we WILL have lift off. For those yet to order (special offer nz$55 with print), we WILL have lift off —

‘folded eggs’ UPDATE
The book printed late May 2018 for a September release with @photoq_bookshop at Unseen Amsterdam ... Vapour Momenta Books will continue to offer the regular edition at NZD$35, and the special edition with artist print at NZD$55, free shipping worldwide, until after the New Zealand launches, Auckland and Wellington, mid-December 2018.

The next showing will be at Friends With Books Art Book Fair, Friday, October 19, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, Berlin, sharing a book table with out-of-Berlin photographer/daughter Alice Connew (‘43’, 2017), Gloria Books. Then during Paris Photo 2018 with the inimitable Andrea Copetti, Tipi Bookshop, Brussels, aboard Sebastian Hau’s pumping Polycopies on the Seine.

Then two launches back in New Zealand after mid-December 2018 at Lela Jacob’s The Keep, Auckland and at Angela Gordon’s The Service Depot, Wellington. That’s it ... perhaps!