A Vocabulary ... at the gallery


... artist book at the gallery

.. whew, the artist book is in gallery position [the shelf]! .. 13 only advance copies at the exhibition opening last weekend, and out the door in the blink of an eye .. back orders expanding @te_uru_gallery in the sans-Covid (🤞🏽) summer warmth .. more copies today, some for the gallery, some for our online shop and others as koha ♥️, wrapped with aroha, and posted here, there and everywhere tomorrow .. the calm before Kim Hill, @RadioNZ this Saturday .. 

/ with @studiocatherine after the week-long install according to her colour-coded and detailed drawings, first day open to the public / @rangihiroa photographing a plinth displaying his mihi, a poem, and excerpts from He Mōteatea The Lament and essay from the artist book / and with @psycho_andy_nz Andrew Clifford, Te Uru director and curator Chloe Geoghegan, massive support from this crew 🖤🖤

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