Fragments d’une colonisation


A Vocabulary in étapes magazine 260, mars–avril 2021

In this moment of brutal 21st century imperialism (when has imperialism ever been absent, or not brutal) it’s well to remember Aotearoa New Zealand’s unfortunate (and brutal) 19th century→ journey through colonisation.

Researcher and educator in the history of typography Sébastien Morlighem @smorlighemout of Amiens, Hautes de France, bought a copy of ‘A Vocabulary’, at an early stage and wrote ‘Fragments d’une colonisation’, with a spread of image works, an informed and generous piece for French graphic and visual culture magazine @etapes, merci beaucoup.

Good friend Indra Kupferschmid @kupfers, typographer and professor in Saabrücken, Germany, bought a copy at a late stage, just the other day (the edition is almost sold out), and turns out she is a friend of @smorlighem! I like this.

The exhibition is on at Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi until 22 May 2022, before MTG Hawke’s Bay Tai Ahuriri in December.

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